What Dog Breeds are Hardest to Train

Dogs are fun and loving pets to have once they’ve learned their place within the family. In general they tend to give love unconditionally and are eager to please. Some dog breeds, however, can be a challenge when it comes to training. You can be successful though if you approach each training session with a calm and firm disposition. This plus adhering to a consistent training schedule will bring the best results.

Patience is truly a virtue while training certain breeds. Of course every dog has his own unique personality, but there are some traits which are prominent within the majority of dogs of a particular breed. Rarely is it impossible to teach a dog the proper way to behave.

Among the breeds that are hard to train it would appear that a common factor is above-average intelligence. A highly intelligent dog may be somewhat stubborn and independent. He may even appear at times to be taunting the trainer. Once such a dog has learned his lesson about who is the master though hell likely turn out to be a very loyal companion.

A few of the breeds that are hardest to train are:

Border Collie ñ Dogs in this breed require plenty of room to run. Due to their inherent nature for herding they have plenty of energy.

Rottweiler ñ Known for being excellent watch dogs. They are often unfairly stereotyped as being viscous. Actually these dogs make excellent pets when trained properly. One thing to note though is that they are very loyal dogs and can become a bit overprotective of their master. Once trained they tend be very obedient dogs.

Husky ñ Huskies need constant attention toward unwanted behaviors. Hunters at heart they too are very energetic.

Akita ñ These dogs make very loyal, loving pets but do not tend to get along with other dogs because of their tendency toward dominance.

Terrier ñ There are quite a few breed groups within the Terrier breed. These animals love to play and show off. They are full of energy and can mess up a room in a hurry with their antics.

Hound ñ The bloodhound is often teasingly portrayed as lazy, stubborn, and aloof. This isn’t too far from the truth. They do perk up though when they are on the trail.

If you own a dog of one such breed then you’re probably in for a struggle to establish dominance. Whenever the dog is in your presence it is imperative that you present yourself in a confident manner. The way you carry yourself and the tone of your voice will either reinforce your efforts or betray any underlying fears or insecurities you may have. Dogs can easily pick up the scent of adrenalin too. If you are unsure of yourself in any way he is sure to know it and will take advantage of your weakness.

It’s a good idea to do some in-depth research before attaining any puppy or dog. You certainly want to choose an individual that is happy to make your acquaintance while keeping in mind any innate tendencies that may surface later on.

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